Saturday, November 13, 2010

A hearty bunch

Up until mid-week, we were pretty sure this year's Cranksgiving was going to smash pretty much any standard we'd set through the first three editions. We had good buzz, lots of interest and beautiful weather.

But it's Nebraska in November, so when things went south weather-wise on Friday, we tempered our enthusiasm a bit. Luckily, we had a lot of people more than willing to ride when it was chilly and wet, and we did, indeed, break a record.

We'll probably amend the numbers a bit on Monday or Tuesday, but here's what we have right now:
  • 35 riders (down a bit, obviously)
  • More than 1,345 pounds of food (our second-highest total, but with the smallest turnout)
  • More than $1,200 in cash donations (WAY past last year's total of $658)
Despite being light on riders, which we knew was going to happen, we managed to blow away last year's fundraising total. As a reminder, the Food Bank can turn our $1,000 in cash into more than $9,000 of food. That's a huge, huge impact, people. Thank you to those who gave their time and effort, and to those who helped us reach such a huge number.

And we had prizes, too. The two prizes below were raffled off, with all proceeds going to the Food Bank. (Thanks to Bike Masters for the bike and Chrome for the jersey.)

  • Chrome Coveted jersey: Mark Stursma
  • Origin 8 Cykle 3: Martin Bixby
And here are the category winners:

Women's geared
  1. Suzanne Wilson (her third golden crank)
  2. Angie Eikenberry
  3. Julie Harris
Men's geared
  1. Larry Wilson
  2. Tim Campbell
  3. David Randlemann
Men's single-speed/fixed
  1. Mike Douglas (his third golden crank)
  2. Lucas Marshall
  3. Tom Solberg
*We had no women's single-speed/fixed riders, and no trailer-class entrants this year.

So that's that. Thanks again to all of our sponsors (they're listed on the sidebar to the right), and thanks to our volunteers, riders and contributors. We can't make this happen without you.

If you have pictures, please send them our way and we'll update this post - bredemske at
Finally, mark your calendars for next year: November 12, 2011

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DJ Chi Wai said...

Thanks for the great event this year. I'll definitely be back next year! Got my blog write-up done with pics, link to Strato's also on mine.