Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fill The Truck

Well, it's getting on October, which means fall is in full swing. That also means the holidays are looming. For many of us, that means a time to gather with family around the table and share a meal.

For for the less fortunate, the holidays are a time of stress and worry, with little-to-no room in the budget for anything special. Organizations like the Omaha Food Bank can ease the burden, but they need help.

You can help.

Join us on November 14 at noon for Cranksgiving Omaha 2009 — a bike race/ride to benefit the Omaha Food Bank. It will be held at Bike Masters in Omaha (129th/Fort Streets) rain or shine, snow or ... well, what's worse than snow?

Details on how the race works are on the sidebar to the right. Once again, we'll have homemade eats on hand (with standard and vegetarian options).

New for this year is a push called "Fill The Truck." It's our dream at Cranksgiving Omaha to supply enough food for an entire day's worth of donations. That number is big. Really big. But we can do it with your help.

For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can purchase around $10 worth of food. Now think about a $10 donation, and how quickly that could add up into something really big, and really great.

Even if you can't make the race, consider a cash donation. We'll have donation boxes at bike shops and businesses all over town. Please consider helping any way you can, whether riding, donating or volunteering (just email me: bredemske at gmail dot com).

Let's Fill The Truck.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fire it up!

Planning for Cranksgiving Omaha 2009 is underway. If you're a sponsor and want to help, drop a line. If you're a volunteer and want to help, do the same.

Otherwise, stay patient. We'll have more info soon.