Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last-minute details

True to form, Saturday's weather could well be a mixed bag. The current forecast calls for mid-30s and a 30 percent chance of snow showers.

Pretty awesome, huh?

This is, of course, after the forecast said 42 and sunny, 55 and sunny, 50 and sunny and, finally, back to 42 and sunny. Sigh.

So yes, we may have some snow flying around. But we've had that before - during the first edition of Cranksgiving Omaha in 2007. If snow isn't your thing, please don't cancel your Cranksgiving plans.

Though the idea of Cranksgiving is a race, the main objective is to raise funds and supplies for the Food Bank. If you don't want to embark upon a snowy odyssey, you can take your grocery list, roll down to Target (one mile away), shop in comfort - heck, stop at Starbucks - and roll back whenever you see fit.

Sure, you won't be eligible for the podium, but keep in mind what podium-winners get: old, spray-painted bike parts on a rope. Your odds of getting something cool in the prize drawing are much better than winning old, spray-painted bike parts on a rope.

But you can't win either of them if you're not there. See you Saturday.

1 comment:

AOJules said...

Never underestimate the value of old spray painted bike parts on ropes. (Says the person who still has her bronze crank from the first year!)