Saturday, October 20, 2007

Plans have been finalized

Well, mostly finalized. I have some minor stuff to deal with, but we're ready to go.

Items of note
We could still use a few volunteers. We have 5 confirmed right now, but another 5 or more would be awesome. If you were planning on riding, keep those plans -- just bring a friend who wants to hang out in a bike shop for a few hours.

The poster was made by Ben Vankat, a coworker of mine at the newspaper. His work, along with Mallie, has made this site and event look great. Thank them both if you get the opportunity. They're probably tired of hearing it from me.

More prizes have arrived. We now have an awesome Crumpler backpack, two pairs of Serfas sunglasses, a 24-count box of GU, a Serfas mini-frame pump and a Zefal rear mudgard/fender. Oh, and a discount coupon for Shimano winter shoes. Also, Trek/Highear is tossing in six water bottles, each with a pair of socks inside. And, finally -- for now -- my mom will be making a cheesecake. Maybe two cheesecakes; I'm not sure. But they're good. And it'll be tasty after lugging groceries around NW Omaha.

Email me if you have questions or concerns, or if you want to help or donate. bredemske at hotmail dot com.

See you on the 10th.

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