Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The current prize list

Water bottles:
27 total -- 7 from Twin Six, 6 from Trek/Highgear, 14 from Clif Shot

10 total -- 7 from Twin Six, 3 from Bad Lasses

12 pairs -- 6 from Twin Six, 6 from Trek/Highgear (in the bottles)

MTB grips
4 pairs -- GP1 from Ergon USA

2 -- from my mom. Heath Bar and Snickers

Red blinkies
1 -- from Olympia Cycle

2 -- 1 Zefal mudgard from Bike Masters, 1 CKS mtb fender set from Olympia

1 -- Columbia cycling cap from Olympia

1 -- Mini frame pump from Bike Masters

1 box -- 24 pack of Vanilla from Bike Masters

2 pairs -- Serfas sunglasses from Bike Masters

Recovery packs
3 total -- Three packages with Clif Shot recovery drinks and chews

Instant energy
4 -- 4 six-packs of Monster Energy Drink

1 -- A Crumpler backpack from Bike Masters, $130 retail. Very cool.

See you Saturday.


Dale's Daughter said...

Do you guys need any help with anything?

Matt N said...

Sorry dude, I'll be slaving away in the Shop while you guys ride, but my support goes to everyone that participates.


UnderDaHill said...

Looking forward to this. I can be there a bit early if you need any help with anything.

bryan said...

Thanks for the offers, but I think we'll be OK. A lot of the setup will be done after the riders leave. The check-in stuff won't take long, and the volunteers will get food ready after the start.

So ... deep breath ... I think it's gonna work.