Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The fund drive

Last year, Cranksgiving Omaha raised more than $650 in cash donations to the food bank. Through special pricing, programs and grants, each dollar donated to the food bank can buy $9 worth of food.

That means our $650 was worth more than $5,800 in food. And that's on top of the 1,800-plus pounds of food collected in the race.

Though the fortunes of many have improved since last year, there's still an overwhelming need for donations. We can beat last year's totals. We can do more. This year, we're aiming for a $1,000 cash donation and 2,500 pounds of food delivered. We can do it. You can help.

So, we'll start it like this: We (Bryan and Chris) just submitted our $50 donation through this link.

When you submit your information, you'll have a chance to add comments. In that spot, put "Cranksgiving Omaha."

Let's do more. Let's fill the truck.

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