Monday, September 20, 2010

Cranking it up

Hey Cranksgiving types: Don't be concerned by the lack of activity on this blog. We're getting things lined up and fired up for Cranksgiving 2010. We'll have more news here in a few weeks — stay tuned!

And, in other super-exciting bonus news: We're raffling off this bike. More information to come!


ChrisGardner said...

Awesome! A few of us were just talking about this the other day, and wondered when some info was going to come out. Do you mind creating a Facebook event for it? It may even increase the number of participants. I know I will invite at least 10-20 people.

bryan said...

I'm working on it right now, Chris. Give me 10 minutes or so.

superimportant said...

Hey Bryan,

This is Ken from NYC. I run Cranksgiving out here. I'm redesigning, and want to put up a list of all the cities that throw the race. I see that you're doing it again on Nov 13. Awesome. Can I put up contact information for you?



bryan said...

Ken! Go ahead and put us on the list, along with contact information. Thanks for getting it going and keeping it going.