Monday, November 17, 2008

1,263 pounds! (updated)

Hey, I just got an email from Heather at the Food Bank. Our final number was 1,263 pounds of food and supplies. After filling up the big blue barrels the Food Bank provided, Bike Masters had to get a few boxes out to carry the rest to to the van. That's pretty awesome.

I should mention our overall winner, Lucas Marshall (center, with third-place finisher Rafal Dotolo on the right). He was at the first stop before some people left the parking lot, and ended up ditching last year's winner, Eric Brunt, in the Kum & Go parking lot after Brunt flatted less than five minutes into the race. Ouch. Lucas wrote about his race here, and has photos here.

Jennifer Limpach (center) was the women's winner, followed by Lisa Vignolo (right).

The single-speed/fixed winner was Mike Douglas (right), followed by Stephen Osberg.

And, finally, there's the story of trailer-class winner Mark Stursma. He pulled more than 200 pounds, and got all of the goods in the door with only a few seconds to spare (trailers had a 3-hour time limit). For his efforts, he took home a Heath bar cheesecake made by my mom.

We owe quite a bit of thanks to the riders, volunteers and sponosors who made this a success. The weather (wind chill in the 20s) no doubt kept a few riders away, but to be able to donate 1,263 pounds to the Food Bank is always a good thing.

Results: (apologies for butchered names)

Geared men
1. Lucas Marshall
2. David Randlemann
3. Rafal Dotolo

Geared women
1. Jennifer Limpach
2. Roxanne Abbott (but since she was gone, we stole her silver cassette)
3. Lisa Vignolo

SS/Fixed men
1. Mike Douglas
2. Stephen Osberg
3. Jon Hood

1. Mark Stursma, 203.8 pounds
2. Jason Johanning, 60.9 pounds (and a case of Fat Tire. We thank you.)
3. Bob Brindamour, 59.7 pounds (and a kid in the trailer)

Video: here.

Next year: November 14, 2009. Mark it down right now.


Rad-Renner said...

Brian, thanks again for "crankin" this out. Very cool. You have now "redeemskied" yourself. Thanks also to the Bike Masters and Team Kaos personnel.

Congrats to Lucas on his win, although I must add that, unlike him, I obeyed all traffic signs and used my turn signals the entire time. Also I didn't freak out McCain voters with a porn-stache and Jackie-O glasses. Show some respect next time. Same goes for you Brunt; stop wearing Capri's, you're freaking me out.

Stursma: you're a total stud. You called your shot (200 lbs) and got three-point-eight extra. Next year, two words: Rickshaw.

Another hint for next year, Brian, one word: track stand competition.

The Lucas said...

Traffic signals and signs are mere suggestions. And if you wanna do good in an urban race I have some suggestions: man up, wear capris, get a mustache, and pretend you just robbed a bank while doing a cyclocross race in a Walmart parking lot.