Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cranksgiving FAQ

We're just about two weeks away from the second annual Cranksgiving Omaha. I've had a few questions tossed my way. Email me (bredemske at gmail dot com) if you have others.

Time: The race starts at noon, but you need to be there around 11:15 to check in, sign the waiver (in which you promise not to get killed -- or at least not blame us for it) and get your bike ready. The shopping list will be distributed at 11:50, and the Le Mans start is at noon. You'll like the Le Mans start. It's fun. Really.

What's this gonna cost me?
Whatever you spend on the items on the list, that's it. There's no entry fee. The items will cost between 10 and 20 bucks, probably.

Are there different divisions?
Yup -- geared, fixed/single-speed and trailer, for both men and women. The trailer division will be scored by weight, not time like the other ones. Prizes will be awarded to the top three in each division.

Prizes? Like the Twin Six stuff?
Ummm ... no. Well, maybe. The sponsor prizes will be handed out through a random drawing. Prizes from riding fast will be different, though still cool.

And if it's cold?
Dress warm.

No, really cold!
Dress warmer.

Better ride fast.

What are we going to do afterward?
Hang out, give out prizes and eat. We'll have two or three kinds of soup and probably some sloppy joes. You're welcome to bring food to share with the masses as well. Just shoot me an email -- bredemske at gmail dot com to let me know.

Can I donate something if I can't make the ride?
Sure -- send me an email and we'll talk about it.

How will this whole thing work?
You'll check in, preferably around 11:15 so we can get you signed in, then at about 11:50 you'll get your shopping list. At noon, you'll hop on your bike and ride. Whenever you get back, you'll check in and weigh your bag. After that, you're done. Grab some food. When everybody's back, we'll draw for prizes. Do feel free to hang out, too. Bike Masters has been kind enough to host us, so check their stuff out.

I think that's it -- email or post a comment if you have other questions. I'll try to get 'em answered pronto. And thanks for being a part of what could be a pretty cool event.

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